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05-10-2017 05:15 PM
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I am continually frustrated with the documentation structure around Errors and Warnings. When ever a geoprocessing tool fails you normally get a error or warning number. In the tool reference section of the online documentation there needs to be a complete list of the error and warning numbers with some greater details about these errors so we can avoid them. Yes you get a link to the help documentation which doesn't always work.

I recently came across the example below where I was looking for some more details about the error message I was getting and when I searched for the warning number with or with out the WARNING text I got 0 results. If they do exist in the documentation library then these articles need to be tagged with the error numbers.


MPCGroup_Admin  What version of ArcMap are you using?  The screenshot looks like the search is being done for 10.5, but when I search, even using the installed help, I don't find that warning (001922) in the 10.5 help.  

For ArcMap, I'd suggest searching for errors and warnings using the installed Help:

ArcMap Installed Help

You'll see something like this:

Tool Error List

Online help searchability for errors and warnings has been improved for ArcGIS Pro:

Pro Online Help


Does seem like poor document management by assigning an error code then provide nothing to explain it. It would be good if ESRI went back through some of their lesser well documented codes and provide solutions or explanations, a sort of general house cleaning of errors for their next release?


I have tried Both, and Yes I am using 10.5


It looks like that specific warning is missing from the 10.5 help.  I've shared this information with the documentation team so that it can be addressed.  Thanks for pointing it out.


Just an update - as of today the documentation for 10.5 has not been updated to include information regarding WARNING 001922. I was Exporting a Tile Cache to a Tile Package for use in AGOL when this occured. I don't know when this topic was "reviewed" but I switched up to 10.5 in November.


Just an update: This warning still hasn't been added to any help documentation. I also ran across this warning while exporting a tile cache in the form of a tile package. 


ESRI please improve your error and warning documentation.  This will help users help themselves to find resolutions which would cut down on technical support calls.