Enable the use of Arcade FeatureSetByName in labels in ArcGIS Pro (and ArcGIS Online)

05-11-2022 09:02 PM
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I've been experimenting with Arcade in Field Maps and are loving the use of Intersect and FeatureSetByName for calculating values based on feature intersections with other layers. 

I wanted to take this a step further with labels in ArcGIS Pro (though would be good in ArcOnline too) where a feature is labeled based on it's intersection of another layer. For instance, a point feature inherits the name of an underlying Plantation polygon, or a fire boundary polygon labels with the total area of intersected vegetation polygons (instead of having to generate new polygons through an intersect and labelling those). 





Related idea: Add Arcade Globals for Visualization/Symbology Exe... - Esri Community

And from there (highlighting by me):

There are no plans to extend the labeling or visualization profiles to include FeatureSet functionality for performance reasons. Label and visualization expressions are executed on a per-feature basis and a feature set query executed per-feature would slow down draw performance.

For this use-case the recommendation is to use a calculate attribute rule where the script is executed at data creation or update time rather than once per draw loop. FeatureSetByName can be used to perform FeatureSet lookups with any other dataset in the same workspace. Cross-database cases are not currently possible but an idea to support that for future workflows could be submitted for conversation. 


@JohannesLindner Thanks for the reply and link to other post. I can understand how this sort of concept would have a negative impact on performance, especially on regularly changing data or map views. It would just be nice if features setup for Field Maps were honoured when you open a webmap in ArcGIS Pro or ArcOnline Map Viewer for a consistent user experience. 

Status changed to: Closed

There are no plans to add this functionality as documented in this issue and expanded on by @JohannesLindner in this thread