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Enable keyboard navigation in Network Dataset Properties

01-24-2023 08:05 AM
Status: Open
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Right now it is very difficult to configure a network dataset using the keyboard. Dropdowns such as these do not respond to typing as a means of selection:


And checkboxes, such as this one, do not respond to the spacebar as a means of toggling:


Seems to be unsupported in many areas of Pro but this is one where nothing seems to be made keyboard-friendly.

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I concur that ArcGIS Pro is not very keyboard friendly when it comes to forms and tables. This really needs to be a priority. The keyboard is still the best, most efficient, and most ergonomic method of data entry.


@RandyCasey  agree, it's implemented haphazardly. Not only do some parts of the UI support it and others not, in the places that do, the navigation is just inconsistent & all over the place. Tabbing will skip commands or go out of order, or just not respond at all. Stuff that's muscle memory in every other application becomes a game.