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Enable full ArcMap-style multi-part annotation editing capability in ArcGIS Pro

09-12-2019 04:36 PM
Status: Open
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At present, there doesn't seem the full suite of capability in ArcGIS Pro to edit annotation feature classes.

I do a lot of work (and mean A LOT) editing annotation for roads and watercourses. A great feature of ArcMap is being able to straighten one part of a multipart annotation feature.

Here's how it looks in ArcMap 10.4.1:

Multi-part Anno editing - ArcMap

In ArcGIS Pro 2.3.3 it looks as though a lot of the menu has been brought across from ArcMap, but the functionality is not enabled.

Multi-part Anno editing - ArcGIS Pro

This may actually be a bug more than anything else.

This idea could be considered as a addendum to this idea already raised: Bring back ArcMap style Move and Rotate tools for annotation in Pro. 

I know not everyone uses annotation feature classes, but for those cartographers amongst us are probably heavier users.

by Anonymous User

Hi @KoryKramer , I have tried to click on several Ideas today, like the one above called "Bring back ArcMap style Move and Rotate tools for annotation in Pro", and I get 


What is up with that? Most of the ones I clicked on I wanted to vote up. Thanks.


Hi @Anonymous User the idea you're referring to above was archived as part of the migration to the new Esri Community platform because it was already marked Implemented (i.e. it can't be up voted anyway).

That is covered here in the FAQ that I sent you on another thread earlier today!

Hope that helps!