Bring back ArcMap style Move and Rotate tools for annotation in Pro.

Idea created by flex_ama on Apr 25, 2019

    Demonstration of move and rotate tools in ArcMap vs ArcGIS ProIn ArcMap when you select an annotation the annotation is outlined with a bounding box.  When you want to move the annotation, you click anywhere inside that bounding box - click and drag to move it.  Its very tactile and to the point. 


    In Pro when you select an annotation the point of the annotation is selected.  While you have the Move tool activated you move your cursor near this point and click and drag.  This feels very janky in comparison.  You would at least expect to be able to hover your mouse cursor over the selected point to move the annoatation.  However what happens is the cursor is "nudged" off the annotation and a context cursor indicates that moving is now possible.  Its a very jarring experience when you are used to being able to click anywhere inside the bounds of an annotation feature and move it.  Now it almost feels like it doesn't want you to move the annotation as it bumps the cursor away from it.  It feels like its fighting you.  


    Please bring back the old style of moving annotation - with the bounding box and moving by clicking anywhere inside of it.  Bounding boxes still seem to be present when you go to modify the text of an annotation.


    For rotation it used to be really simple, you had two options, the rotate tool and using the anchor points in the bottom corners of the annotation bounding box.  For some reason annotations do not have the anchor points anymore.  Now you are forced to use the rotate tool.  Even using the rotate tool with annotations is janky.  You never know quite where to place your cursor.  One would at least think that if you are in rotate mode, and you have a selection, with a rotation ring being displayed that you could simple rotate no matter where your cursor was.  Still, anchor points are more tactile.  


    Please bring back anchor points for rotating annotations.


    The old way of doing this was so much faster and tactile.  You clicked on the annotation and dragged it to where you want it.  Then if you need to rotate, you just moved the cursor slightly to hover over the corner and rotate.  Now you have to fight with having the cursor just right to move, and then move your cursor down to the floating tool bar and select rotate in order to rotate an annotation.  


    As far as the new rotation ring when in rotate mode, it would be nice if the green ring has some sort of gradient to allow at a glance view of the rotation instead of just being green.  Maybe change the color more and more as you increase the amount of rotation?  How about having the current rotation amount in numerical form be displayed somewhere as well?