Enable Collision Detection Between More In-Canvas Widgets and Time Slider

10-15-2021 08:52 AM
Status: Open
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This might be a big ask, as I'm unsure of what's going on behind the scenes with these in-canvas tools.

I've noticed that for some in-canvas widgets, the size of one will automatically adjust based on the position of the other, particularly with the Measure widget and the Time Slider. This is great!


But for other widgets, this is not the case. 


As a Parcel Fabric user, the active record widget is pretty much always on, and I like where it is in the upper-left. But I have certain reference layers that are time-enabled, and I like to have the Time Slider available most of the time, too.

I know I could just minimize the slider or have the active record widget just a little further down, but knowing that this behavior is possible between other widgets makes it a bit harder to put up with.

Alternatively, can the Time Slider just be manually resizable? I rarely need it to span the entire width of my canvas.

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