editor tracking - record machine name

11-25-2015 08:41 AM
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It would be useful to be able to track the machine name where the create/edit originated, as well as the database username and date/time.

So, "Creator Field", and "Create Date Field" and "Create Machine Name", and likewise for Editor.



It would also be useful / convenient to have OS user name as a simple configuration option.


Good day,

Tracking should use "Workstation Alias" instead of user account name in fields created_user and last_edited_user to protect editors privacy.

This should be an option when installing ArcGIS Pro. Use Workstation ID or Account Name for Edits Tracking.

Some data are distributes outside of our organization and should protect our staff.
Having their account name showing up in the data is not the best.

Turning tracking off is only a half solution. 

The ArcGIS Enterprise should privately keep track of "Who own's this Workstation" by associating it to a account name (internally), but not publicizing it.





This idea:

  1. Is not specific to the parcel fabric 
  2. Already exists: https://community.esri.com/t5/arcgis-pro-ideas/editor-tracking-record-machine-name/idi-p/957444

Before submitting a new idea please search to make sure it does not already exist + publish the idea in the correct location. This will make it easier for us to manage and prioritize implementation.





Good day Amir,

Sorry, you are right, it's not specific to the Parcel Fabric, but I disagree as it does not already exist.
Our idea is to protect the privacy of our editors when they create data, not to have another field added to the track the computer name. 



Thank you for the clarification @PascalVezina We will still track these requests together. My understanding is that you're saying to just maintain the existing editor tracking fields but have there be an option of whether to populate those with a user name or a machine name. That is good input for an eventual consideration of this functionality. For now, it sounds like the primary concern is when sharing data outside of the organization. Is it necessary at all to include the editor information in the data distributed externally? Could you just drop those fields when sharing?