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Dynamic Text Trimming

02-16-2022 07:50 AM
Status: Open
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by Anonymous User
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While filling out product information in my project overlay I require dynamic text that displays either MGRS or USNG but only the UTM Zone portion (ex: 18Q, 19Q). Currently in the dynamic text you're able to set the number of decimal places, but there's no way to remove the 100,000m grid zone designators (Ex: 18Q WG).

The WG in the previous example is the part I want to remove, but you're currently unable to use standard text formatting tags aside from font specific ones when dealing with dynamic text.

Please add the ability to use text formatting tags (such as "trim") to text inserts that will actually effect dynamic text. Or add the ability to define the max amount of characters in the dynamic text variables.

My current solution is the place a white box over the unneeded part, however if you're working in a zone with wider letters (ex: W vs. I) it will shift the rest of the letters and possibly expose some pixels of the unwanted text. Manually checking this every time creates a longer workflow and leaves room for oversight errors. 

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