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05-24-2010 05:00 PM
Status: Implemented
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It would be nice to display vertices at all time. Currently a line has to be selected for it to draw vertices. Maybe a button to turn it on and off.

This functionality currently exists in the freeware ET GeoTools, but native capability would be a plus.
Holding the v key displays all nearby verticies in edit mode

Allow vertices editing directly when single feature is selected in edit mode.
To press Edit Vertices button after a single feature was selected is an unnecessary step in editing workflow which slows down productivity.


 we are currently using a developer tool right now to see the vertices.  Using the tool doesn’t affect performance and should be “in the box”.  Also, holding down the “v” key isn’t efficient when you need one finger to hold it down the whole time and you could be using that “free” hand to follow a map or something…


This should be a standard in ArcMap as this goes back to some of the basics of ESRI products. There was a free tool that was posted on ArcScripts called OC Vertices that allowed for this simple functionality but it was written in VB and is no longer compatible with ESRI products.

How does something with this many votes not get implemented?
I was able to use the OC tools with Windows NT with ArcGIS 10, my hard drive blew up -- got new Operating System:  Windows 7 and it no longer works.  Yes, ESRI needs to make this an intergated options for editing.
and it needs to work in the same manner....choose the layers you need to snap to (via a drop-down).

Heavy editors need this functionality.
this would be very usefull for data that is not editable, like some query layers
The 'Draw Vertices' option within ET GeoTools is ideal for our needs whereby we rely on overlapping\shared historical layers of cadastre.

'Draw Vertices' only shortfall is that it only displays nodes for one layer. Ideally multiple layers each with their own unique symbology node markers would be fit for purpose, with ability to toggle on\off marker display & layers.

Who will incorporate this fundamental editing aid into their product first?

While this may not be exactly what you're looking for, ArcGIS Pro's symbology now allows you to use a point shape marker at features' vertices.  Again, this is a comment more geared towards the idea of drawing vertices, not necessarily exposing them for editing.

See the Position and place marker symbol layers—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop documentation for more about marker symbol layers and their positioning.


This used to be a standard feature in the old ARC/INFO versions ('draw vertices'-option) - gone as  a lot of other useful features that used to be standard some 30 years ago!