Drag and drop for re-ordering variables in Extract Multi Values to Points - ArcGIS Pro

03-23-2018 03:56 AM
Status: In Product Plan
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In ArcGIS desktop the Extract Multi Values to Points tool allows the user to re-order the variables by dragging and dropping.

In ArcGIS Pro this tool is much more stable, but inconvenient to use for large numbers or variables where the variable order needs to be changed e.g. to keep the same types of variables together. Re-ordering is possible, although well hidden (right click to the LHS of the variable and then click again to move up or down), but only allows the variable to move up or down one row at a time. Even when working with a modest amount of 10 or so variables that need re-ordering this results in the need for very many clicks. 

A drag and drop solution, like that in ArcGIS desktop would be far easier, quicker and more intuitive to use. Please consider bringing back this functionality.