Draft Mode for dataframe

09-14-2010 07:13 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

In layout view there should be a button that when clicked turns the data frame to draft mode while you edit the map elements, then when all map elements fixed clicked agai to turn the dataframe back normal mode.

The third button from the right in the layout toolbar should do that for all framed elements in the layout. Did you mean that the button should work on the selected layout item(s) (i.e. the data frame) only?

Yeah, I think that is what's meant.  This feature would be helpful b/c often the layout items like the north arrow and scale bar don't really need to be in draft mode, and once in draft mode it's harder to design the layout items since their look and feel gets obscured by the draft mode setting.
Yes. The text and sizes of the boxes in draft mode is so far off from the actual size, the current draft mode is only partly useful.  Moving around a giant scale bar box doesn't make sense when the finished map's bar will be small.