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Don't allow "<Null>" literal text to be entered as value (or automatically convert to true null)

02-14-2023 09:05 AM
Status: Open
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ArcGIS Pro 3.0.3; Oracle 18c 10.7.1 EGDB:

It's possible for users to enter "<Null>" (no quotes) literal text as a value in a text field. That happens, despite training users and multiple reminders.

Of course, "<Null>" is incorrect; a proper null isn't a value, it's the absence of a value. A proper null needs to be set using a technique like:

  • Deleting an existing value using the delete key
  • Using the field calculator
  • Using the null option in a domain
  • There are likely other options too

Related: Idea - Documentation about empty strings, nulls, and NaN in ArcGIS


Idea: To mitigate this issue, it would help if Pro disallowed "<Null>" literal text to be entered as value. Or alternatively, automatically convert "<Null>" to a proper null (absence of any value).

I'm aware that I could set up attribute rules for all fields in all tables to prohibit "<Null>" from being entered. But that'd take way too much work and add unnecessary complexity. It would be better if it were out-of-the-box functionality. 


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