Display Scaling >96dpi

07-16-2014 09:15 PM
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With 4k monitors starting to become more popular, the native resolution of 3840x2160 is simply too small a scale to be viewed at 96 dpi. Windows 8/8.1 display scaling allows higher dpi for applications that support it. ArcGIS currently is not capable of greater than 96 dpi therefore it should be implemented in future ArcGIS updates to gain better detail with 4k monitors at their native resolution together with Windows display scaling.
I have this issue as well. I would really love being able to take full advantage of my high-res display.
by Anonymous User
It is unbelievable but ArcGIS for Desktop (10.2.2) does'nt support 4k monitors. I have this issue since 10 month. The Icons of the ArcMap GUI are not distinguishable. ArcCatalog starts with normal sizes but when opening some menus everythings switches to tiny.
ArcGIS Pro 1.0 is ok.
Some Adobe products had the same problem (Photoshop, InDesign...). The Adobe Community provided a workaround pretty soon.
I use a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. ArcGIS 10.3 and Pro run nicely on it, but the toolbar text is tiny. I would think this would be a priority for design software.
I'm using a Lenovo Yoga, and have this problem with ArcMap.  Its toolbars and other menu items are impossibly small; it almost prohibits the application's use altogether.  Is there really no way to remedy this issue?  I have tried all the computer settings to no avail. 

Is there any workaround?  What an absolute bummer!
I worked around this by changing my laptop's resolution to 1600x900 and then restarting.  The restarting was the key.  And no other programs I use look weird, everything is fine.  So, simple fix for me, but I hope Esri addresses this for others who have stronger dependencies on high resolution.
There's a ticket submitted for this:


Is there a way to "subscribe" to a bug, so someone could get an emailed update when the status changes?
I'm using a DELL M3800, and have this problem with ArcMap.   Its toolbars and other menu items are too small. The ESRI Community provided a workaround pretty soon.
Since I had to purchase a new laptop with a touchscreen and Windows 8.1, no matter what I change my font sizes or the screen resolution to, everything in ArcMap 10.3 remains infuriatingly small. It makes using the software very annoying, and the work-around I had been using suddenly stopped working.
I just posted a potential work around for this if you are on Windows 10 (http://geonet.esri.com/thread/117985). It worked for me anyway.
I have taught GIS for 30 years and in the past two we have moved from university  labs to personal laptops for computing as the classes aer so popular (up to 200 in the first class these days).  Everyone has differnt equipment so the support of a wide range of equipmnet is extremely important now.  This glitch makes for a very poor impression of ESRI products to a lot of students with these issues and there are more and more. Please put this issue atop the liost and get it fixed quickly!!!