Display and Search by Coded Value Domain Descriptions in the Attribute Query dialog.

07-05-2010 10:20 PM
Status: Closed
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Currently you need to know what the coded value is to be able to search for it in the Attribute Query dialog's 'Go To' box.  Even though the code and descriptions are both displayed in the list of unique field values, you cannot go to the value by typing in the description or even using a wildcard.


Also be able to show the coded values and/or the Description in the popup and feature template.  For example, I have a list of hundreds if not thousands of road signs in a subtype (regulatory, warning, etc.) environment, but the people that will be adding and modifying these in the field use the MUTCD CODE (Code in the Domain), not the Description.  Can we please add functionality to show the codes and descriptions in the templates and pop-ups, not just the descriptions.  I do notice that if I hover over a sign, it shows the code, but only one, where there can be a pole and up to 6 signs on a pole

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