Definition Query for Group Layers

02-08-2022 07:50 AM
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During Sanitary and Stormwater Evaluations, a lot of clients break their assets up by sewer or stormwater basins (polygons). It would be nice to define a query for that polygon that displays all layers within. Currently, you would have to create a matching field in each of the layers found within that polygon, and set each individual layer's definition query to that matching field.


So if you could set a definitely query on a group layer, defined by a polygon, you would immediately be able to query all layers within a polygon. 

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Thank you for submitting this idea @Austin_Schneiderman 

It sounds like this is either a duplicate of Group Definition Query

or Spatial Definition Query

Because you are looking to define a query based on a polygon, it sounds like Spatial Definition Query to me. Can you please confirm and we'll go ahead and merge your idea with the existing idea?

Also, be sure to add your kudos to either of those above that would aid your workflows.


Status changed to: Closed

Closing this pending a response to the earlier comment. We can take another look if we get additional clarifying information. Thank you!