Data Driven Pages should have a page list

07-22-2010 11:25 AM
Status: Already Offered
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DS Map Books allowed the user to see a list of all of the pages, and pick a particular page to view.


Scrolling through the pages one by one is fine for books that have a few pages, but once there are more than 10 pages, scrolling one by one becomes less functional, especially when there are hundreds of pages and all you want to do is go to certain specific ones.


Please bring back a list view so it's functional when dealing with volume.

Seriously, without that list of pages it's hard to figure out which page has what. I think it'd be good to put the list in that drop-down menu, and put the function of the current behavior somewhere else in the mapbook setup dialog box.
Agreed!  Maybe in the Data Driven Pages dropdown, instead of just "Show Name" and "Show Page," put a list right there of all viable pages.  Selecting one from the dropdown then brings you right to that page.

This is an important function to have.  Several of our clients are still using 9.3 to have the Developer Map Book Sample functionality.  It was much more convenient to have each page displayed in a TOC window to turn on or off for printing and exporting.

How ever this is accomplished, it is absolutely ESSENTIAL for decent usablity.
This is essential. Just make it function exactly like DS Map Book's page list did (maybe in a dockable window, or as a list type in the TOC) and I'll be happy again :(
I came up with the same idea as MLF and chaochungtsai. Who ever heard of a drop down for an wither or question? I expect to see a list when using a drop down. Move the choice to either the definition or another button on the menu. Use the dropdown for a list. Scrollable, perhaps 25 in the list. listed by the choice and when you click on the list it remembers your last selection and goes to it. 

I agree it is essential.
My maps have the correct name but are in a scrambled order, so I have to click and click and click to find a map.  Please bring back the tab.
Has anyone found a work around to create a drop down list for data driven pages?
This would make life so much easier to navigate to certain pages, rather than arrowing through all the pages (which could be a huge number).
Silly not to have this functionality really.
Status changed to: Already Offered

This is implemented in ArcGIS Pro