Data-Driven Pages - Detailed Area Insets

10-27-2010 04:35 PM
Status: Open
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Based on the DS Mapbook - Detailed Area Insets toolbar (developed out of the Denver regional office) for ArcGIS 8.X, this data-driven pages version will auto-build insets in the layout at a more zoomed-in scale from the main data frame.  Insets are auto-generated by referencing an index feature class at a specified, more detailed scale.  This is perfect for utility system mapbooks that need to show connections, etc.  This is fitting...until engineers and public works crews move fully to digital, dynamic maps.

Good idea
I used the Detail Area Inset tool to create my locator maps.  I hope ESRI  can re-create this tool for the new version for Data Driven pages.  I am having to use separate mxd's for each map now.
I am not completely familar with the functionality of the Detailed Area Insets toolbar, but it is possible with data driven pages to have the extent of one data frame be controlled by the data frame enabled for data driven pages. You can then control the approximate ratio of scale of one data frame to another. To set this open the properties for the data frame you wish to use as the inset and go to the Data Frame tab. Under Extent from the dropdown select "Other Data Frame" and choose the data frame you wish to get the extent from (In this case the data frame used for DDP). You can play with the margin % to adjust the relative scale of the inset data frame.
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