Create MXD "lock" file or read-only notification

09-21-2012 10:14 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
If two people try to access the same MXD on the company server, only the first user to open the MXD has the right to save any changes -- the second user will receive a Save error without knowing why (either the network connection failed or someone else has it open & active).

Would be helpful to either see a physical "lock" file similar to that of shapefiles, but on the MXD itself -- that would be an immediate notification before trying to launch the file from Windows Explorer. In the instance that a user would attempt to open via ArcMap (and not see the "lock" file in Windows Explorer), then a notification should pop-up similar to Microsoft programs, i.e. "[User A] has this MXD open for editing. Would you like to A) be notified when available for editing, B) open read-only, or C) cancel?"
Would also be nice if we had some way of forcing hung ArcMap.EXEs to be killed when not active after a period of time. During any given day I will kill 4 -5 of these that are hanging out and locking fGDBs. Thats ok when its my PC, but not an option when we are using Citrix and we do not have access to teh Task Manager.
Notify user when opening an MXD that is already in use that the map will be opened in "Read Only" mode similar to many MS Office documents.
A read-only notification and\or a notice of the username who has locked the file would be useful.