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Create dynamic feature attachment element in ArcGIS Pro layouts

09-07-2023 01:32 AM
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We have maps that we produce in ArcGIS Pro and a significant part of these can be the location of features containing attachments and also showing the attachments. In the past, this would mean showing the points on a layout (in the map frame) with a number label, then on a separate layout we would manually load each photo (after already downloading them) and applying a text label to refer back to the points with. 

IDEA: Create an "Attachment Gallery" element item that dynamically updates based on features visible in your map extent. Any attachments of features in the map extent would be displayed in the gallery element. Settings for the element could include options to influence the attachment size (fitting options such as: minimum/maximum width/height, fill element, stacked, etc.), overflow options, count options (maybe as a separate dynamic text option), arrangement options (i.e. top to bottom - left to right, centre outwards, etc), framing options (add a frame to each photo), overlap tolerances (allowing more photo's into a full space), rotation options (force portrait, force landscape, maintain original, random), attachment format filter (JPEG, PNG, PDF (preview), TIFF, etc)

Being able to link this to a map frame on a separate layout would be even better so you could maximise your map space and your gallery space on 2 different sheets. 





This would be amazing. There's similar functionality in Reports, but reports are super arcane. Having a dynamic element for normal layouts would make be a gamechanger, especially paired with map series.


The best alternative I've just come up with is a Map Series based on features that contain attachments. I created a super basic Model that creates a copy of the required features and their attachments locally (on our server instead of in ArcGIS Online). It is essentially just the Export Features tool but with "Maintain Attachments" enabled and maintains the original ObjectID as well (for labelling) and preset output location based on project location. 

The Map Series is basically a layout with a map at the bottom and a Picture at the top and the picture is dynamically linked to the index feature used in the Map Series. This way I get a PDF with one page per picture (even with multiple pictures per feature based on the join used for the symbology mentioned below) and the map shows which feature the picture is from. This links back to the overview map containing other statistics and data.

The points also have the photo's shown as part of the symbology using the steps discussed here: Re: Labelling points with attached photos - Esri Community

Main Map


Photos Map Series




Yes, we need this functionality, too! Is it on the development plan of ArcPro 3?


@AmyCleare Not yet! Get enough support shown in this post and hopefully ESRI's dev team pick it up as a worthwhile upgrade!