Create a hyperlinked KEY MAP for Data Driven Pages!!!

11-01-2011 07:17 AM
Status: Open
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Data Driven Pages is awesome - it saves us so much time, and is such an improvement over MPS Atlas as it's now dynamic.  

But one thing it still needs is the ability to create a key maps, and to output a hyperlinked multipage PDF so that users can click on a tile in the key map and go directly to the appropriate page in the PDF.  This is a basic functionality of map books, and something I'm surprised ESRI hasn't accounted for yet.  If I'm making a map book, people need to know how to navigate through it.  And they do that either through an Index, or through a key map.  I'd say key maps are WAY more intuitive.  

You can create the hyperlinks in your index map fairly easily using Adobe Acrobat. its under Tool/Advanced Editing/Link Tool.
Hi Lee, 

Thanks for your comment! I will check that out! just purchasing Adobe Pro right now.  but the thing is, we have 921 map tiles, times 5 map books and I don't want to have to add links individually to each one of them!!!!!!!
This should have already been built-in by ArcGIS 10.0 DDP release. Is it ESRI's inability or laziness that they never provide a complete solution?
you are so right Duri.  why create a map book that you can't easily navigate through? this is BASIC functionality!!!

Hi Lee.  that's great about Adobe.we know that and we do that now with a lot of maps.  but here we are dealing with 4,000 stinking map sheets and that is a little too much to MANUALLY link!  besides, why the heck should we have to go to an outside source to fix somethign up that ESRI should easily have within the base application?!! after all, this is a SPATIAL relationship.  I just don't see the logic in doing this manually.  help us work smarter not harder ESRI! 

just found out that this request has been kicking around for ELEVEN YEARS!!!! Since 2001, people have been asking for this! wow.

see also a similar request in this idea
Export PDF maps with Hyperlinks active
We currently import DDP into Adobe Pro and then add the hyperlinks that work with an index pdf which is also combined to make one mulitpage PDF. This is a manual process that needs to be modified each year as folders change. It would be far simplier to hyperlink within the DDP functionality.