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Converting features to graphics in ArcGIS Pro

01-10-2019 08:30 PM
Status: Implemented
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Sometimes when we make maps, we have multiple features that may overlap and gets obstructed while working and exporting maps from the layout view. Is there an option to convert features to graphics so that we can move those features slightly in order to reduce overlap. This option is available in ArcMap but is there a way to do it in ArcGIS Pro?

I understand that we can do this by editing the features and using the move tool in Pro, but I wanted to know if there is option to convert features to graphics.


I agree this idea is related to the duplicate idea referenced, but that one focuses much more, at least up front, on graphic TEXT and the ability to have that and other graphics in a map view. I can appreciate the very pointed idea here about the ability to actually convert symbols/features to graphics in ArcGIS Pro. I think it is great that it is being highlighted here since it is a bit of a stumbling block for some in transitioning to Pro.


We also use features to graphics in ArcMap on a regular basis.  As far as I have been able to ascertain this is not available in ArcGIS Pro.  Please add this capability soon.  It is things like this which make me not want to make the transition to Pro very quickly.  I go through all of the processes and do all that is needed to create a map, and then something like this keeps me from finishing it.  So, I go back to ArcMap and do the work.  I want to transition pretty soon, but this does not encourage me to do so.


ArcPro 2.6 offers some progress on using graphics in maps, which gets me a little closer to being able to adopt it, but until converting features to graphics, and visa versa, is available, it's still not quite there.


My agencies relies heavily on replication, and uses "Convert feature to graphic" to set replication boundaries when building a new replica.  Since Pro does not offer the feature to graphic option, its replication boundary options are very limited!  BRING BACK FEATURE TO GRAPHIC!!!!  Please!

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Status changed to: Implemented

Implemented in ArcGIS Pro 2.9.  See Ideas in ArcGIS Pro 2.9 or go to 1:36 in the video.