connection to license manager lost - make reconnection automatic and configurable

04-13-2011 06:17 AM
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"connection to license manager lost" getting this error in the middle of a long process in the middle of the night is one time too many.  For whatever reason, network hickups or even server reboots cause the connection to be lost either instantaneously, or temporarily.  I have yet to encounter the terminal failure of a license, but that is not to say that it won't happen.

I would like to be able to set the connection retry attempt to occur at an interval like this:

1.  Try again after 20 seconds
2.  Try again after 5 minutes
3.   Try again after 10 minutes
4.  Try again after 30 minutes
5.  Don't try again.

Where each step, 1-5 is configurable and the user does not have to be present to press "OK" to affirm that, yes ideed, the connection has been lost.

When the license connection is lost, geoprocessing tasks that were running should be completed anyways.  It seems a little over the top to consider a process licensed at its start, but unlicensed in the middle somewhere.

"Failed to calculate field results" due to license manager disconnect...

Perhaps allowing the process to maintain functionality while the connection file is reaccessed, or just prompting with an error that the results will not be validated until the license server is reconnected would work.

I don't know, I'm sure someone out there has some other ideas on this, but hopefully this will get someone thinking.


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I apologize that you ran into this. However, I'm closing this "idea" because it sounds like a licensing manager bug. Please refer to the ArcGIS Ideas Submission Guidelines and Statuses "2. No bugs please. Idea Exchanges are not the right place to log software bugs or crashes.  Keep in mind that just because it isn’t the right fit as an Idea does not mean that we aren’t here to help.  Bugs and crashes should be logged with Technical Support.  If working in ArcGIS Desktop/ArcGIS Pro, crashes can be reported by sending an error report. "

Thank you