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Conditional formatting for table frames in ArcGIS Pro

08-04-2020 03:01 AM
Status: Open
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The ability to use dynamic table frames with a map series is a great feature of ArcGIS Pro. It would be very useful then if the table fields, rows and columns could be formatted based on the content of the table.

For example, I have a layout containing tables listing the results of a planting maintenance survey. The final column in these tables is a status column, which indicates whether the maintenance is ongoing or complete. It would therefore be useful if, when the status is complete, the whole row could be coloured green as a visual cue to the reader of what is complete.

As well as the ability to control background colour, text formatting in this way would also be very useful so important text could be made bold depending on the content for example.  


Yes! You could do this with Production Mapping on desktop, it's very hard to make the switch to Pro for several figures for this reason.  Use the symbology from a layer on the map, then it's consistent with what's on the map.  Such a cool feature I need in Pro!




Same here.  I have several parcels, some renovated in 2021 and some slated for 2022.  Field has requested shading separation for 2021 vs. 2022.  Easy to do symbols but can't fix in the table.