Cloud Based License Manager

06-19-2012 10:28 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
I would like to see ESRI support cloud based licensing for those that would like it. The main advantage would be that as long as a computer could get to the Internet, it would be able to access a license (much the way ArcGIS Online currently works with a secure login). If it could not access the Internet, then it would give you a specific amount of time for you to run the software without just blocking you out totally. If you were overdrawing on licenses it would keep track of that overdraw and either let the user know and stop the execution, or allow them to continue while sending a note to the account representative noting the overdraw. If you think that this plan is far-fetched, Bentley does this extremely well with Microstation. In Microstation you can overdraw licenses, run while not connected to the Internet, and get a complete report of usage and utilization all from a web interface. 

Just think, there is no software to install, update, or manage, it is managed by ESRI so the license numbers are always accurate, you are given generous grace periods, overdraw on you licenses for a brief time (you will be asked to purchase additional license after X number of minutes of overdraw) and you can pull usage statistics from a secure web site (Customer Care portal). Again, cloud based licensing would be available to those that would want that option.
I fully support this idea.  I suggested ii to Esri a few months back and they seem to see the value providing such a service.  It would be particluarly important during crisis situations such a a major earthquake when your own local license server may be damaged and unavailable.  Being able to retrieve you licenes from the cloud sijmplifies the process and insures that you can get the licenses you need as you set up remote sites, triages, etc., to deal with a major disaster.

Having the option of hosting your license manager in the cloud at all times would be benefical, and make management simpler and insure that your licenses would always be avaialble and fully backed up and secure.


Just to add to the din, it could be some web based management thing, where an org can manage all of their licenses, but then some ESRI magic manages the license server on the back end, and all we have to do is tell folks to get their license from LICPROV.BIGFOOT.COM. 

Just to clarify, this is not a request to take away the ability to stand up a license server inside the firewall not connected to the outside net. That will always be a requirement.