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Click+Drag to select items in catalog view/browse boxes

09-16-2022 01:18 PM
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In ArcCatalog, Windows Explorer, the macOS Finder, Google Drive, and virtually everywhere else software users interact with files, you can drag a rectangle around folders and files to select them. ArcGIS Pro does not do this, which may be unexpected. Dragging in an empty space below files does nothing at all whereas dragging in an empty space next to files picks them up as if to move them. In some views, it behaves differently still: when dragging from next to a style item to an empty space below, for example, it makes a copy of the item for some reason, without holding Alt or Ctrl, even. Really bizarre behavior but I keep accidentally doing it. I'm not aware of other areas of the software that make a copy when dragging within the same container without a modifier key.

Anyway, it would be more useful if dragging & releasing in an empty space did something predictable and useful like selecting. This would give users another familiar way to manage and organize files and folders within ArcGIS Pro which still lacks many of these basic features.

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