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Catalog View — Indicate if object is a database view, annotation, etc. in Type column

03-16-2023 12:26 PM
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Idea Edited 2023-03-17

In the Catalog View:

Database views are currently categorized as tables in the Type column. And annotation FCs are categorized as feature classes. 


Those categorizations seem misleading. Could they be changed to better reflect those object types?

There might be other kinds of objects that aren't categorized specifically enough in mobile geodatabases too. I haven't tested them all. See mobile geodatabase datasets for a list.


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Status changed to: Already Offered

Hello @Bud , what you are suggesting is already offered in ArcGIS Pro.  If you would widen the Type column in the Catalog view, you will see that the Type string for feature classes, tables, and so on, are indeed distinct:




@Bud - We do appreciate your feedback, and look forward to more of your ideas! 



I've edited the idea so that it's specifically about database views and annotation. Could this idea be re-opened? Thanks.



I checked with support and they say it's working as designed. So I think that means this is a legitimate idea, not a bug.

Esri Canada Case #03294188

The scenario that you have described with views in a mobile geodatabase stored as a Mobile geodatabase table is an expected behaviour. The data you add to a mobile geodatabase can be stored in the following dataset types:

  • Tables (nonspatial)
  • Feature classes
  • Relationship classes
  • Feature datasets

For the views you have created, it is non-spatial so they will be stored as a mobile geodatabase table. 

This web link shows all the dataset types for a mobile geodatabase:

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In ArcGIS Pro geodatabases (Enterprise, File or Mobile) views are categorized as table in the Catalog View type column

Status changed to: Open

Thanks for the idea @Bud 

This looks a lot like an idea that is already in product plan:

Link - Pro Catalog Sort by Feature Geometry

Let us know if that idea meets the needs of your request to specify the feature type of each feature class in the catalog (anno, point, line, view etc) and we can merge.

The behavior you're seeing with unregistered mobile geodatabase spatial views showing as non-spatial tables is a known bug. 

BUG-000157223 - The View Icon shows as Standalone table instead as Feature Class in Mobile Geodatabase

Status changed to: Needs Clarification

@SSWoodward Feel free to merge. (No need to bring over all the comments from this post.)

Status changed to: Closed

@Bud I don't believe I can merge without the comments, but agree they are better where they are.  I'll close this. Go ahead and give a kudo to the other idea and I'll make sure the other kudo makes its way over there from here.