Catalog Pane short-cut to collapse current category

09-22-2017 11:52 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

The Catalog Pane becomes awkward to navigate when the number items increases beyond just a few screens high. This can easily happen with the categories Database (and contents thereof) and Geoprocessing History. It would be helpful to have a logical short-cut to collapse the current category e.g. Alt+Left Arrow?  or Alt-Gr+Tab?


Jan, it may not do exactly what is being requested in the idea, but try Ctrl + and Ctrl - while you have the Catalog pane in focus.


Allright, I will give those suggestions a whirl.


BTW, I did try and find those short-cuts. I actually checked the Help for KB-short-cuts just before posting the idea.
Just to let you know I'm not randomly posting without consideration.


Collapse and Expand are available in Pro Catalog pane but only at the Folder level using Left-arrow(collapse) and Right-arrow(expand). ArcMap & Windows Explorer have functionality at the File-level for the Left-arrow that jumps from the highlighted file--> up to its hierarchical parent folder. So a Left-arrow double-press would collapse the folder and so on.