Catalog File Type Options in Pro

02-26-2021 12:00 AM
Status: Open
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The ArcCatalog Options has the ability to add file types that will display in the Contents. For example you could add PDF and see them listed in ArcCatalog. Clicking on it would open the file in the associated program.

This would be handy to have in Pro.

This came about because I noticed that aprx's weren't showing up in Catalog (I found this idea for that) and thought I could add it as a file type.



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by Anonymous User

I agree!

Another useful function available in Desktop that is missing in Pro.....


Yes, please add this functionality! It would be great if Pro was at least as functional as Desktop.


Certainly a bummer when you are aware about the possibility to add file extensions that way, and then you figure out there is no way to do it in AGP.

by Anonymous User

Yes, please add the option to make additional filetypes visible in ArcPro Catalog. Thank you.


I'm running into a problem while planning some clean-up. (See here for the post that prompted this)

I keep looking through Catalog and finding empty folders. Great! I can delete them. Just kidding, there are actually 20 PDFs in there.

Simply put, it is really inefficient to have to view every folder in both Catalog and File Explorer.

This link: Supported data types and items—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation shows that Pro more or less only shows GIS data.

However, ArcCatalog has the ability to add visible file types.

I would like Pro's Catalog to be able to add visible file types.



Please add this functionality to Pro; it would help all of our GIS users to see all types of files.


Agreed, this was something we used a lot for work and I'd love to have it available in Pro so I don't have to have as many folders open. 

by Anonymous User

I absolutely agree, missing this function is quite frustrating.


100 Percent agree! It is really nice that the ArcCatalog in 10x could do this. I was very surprised this functionality was lost in ArcPro.


Since ArcGIS (all flavors) has a geoprocessing tool to convert PDF to TIF, PDF's (at the very least) should be either viewable in catalog by default or at least exposed as a user option (as in ArcCatalog).  I am still in disbelief at the loss of functionality across the board in 'Pro' (aka Arc'Slow').