Cannot view multiple attribute tables in SEPARATE windows at the same time, that can be minimized, sized, and moved about. This functionality USED TO EXIST!

09-28-2018 07:47 AM
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I used to be able to open multiple feature class attribute tables in separate windows SIMULTANEOUSLY - NO TABS; and I could resize AND MINIMIZE...and move them around my screen SEPARATELY.

You can retain the tabs, but PLEASE bring this back.


It is NOT "Already Offered" as it says in an earlier post; I forgot - I am using 10.4.1.  Could it be in 10.5 or 10.6?...


Hi Lou,

I'm not sure which version you're referring to - could it have been ArcView?  In ArcMap (at least in the 10.x versions) I don't think this has been possible.  While we can open multiple tables within the table window, there is only the single table window and I can't tear them apart and move each table independently.

But the new framework for ArcGIS Pro does allow this.



I think this functionality was available in 9.3, but I have 10.4.1 now; I guess that sounds about right – when we went to 10.x…

¡Thanx mucho for the snippets¡ This is good info.

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Closing this idea as the requested functionality is possible in ArcGIS Pro.