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Calculate geometry dialog - add ability to calculate x, y using any coordinate system

12-11-2013 01:54 PM
Status: Closed
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When using the Calculate Geometry dialog in ArcMap to calculate x or y coordinates for points, the only options available are to either use the coordinate system of the data source or the coordinate system of the data frame.

Many local governments use their relevant State Plane Coordinate System for their data.  However, when sharing data we often are requested to have the coordinates expressed in longitude/latitude.  In order to accomplish this, we must re-project the data and then calculate the x, y coordinates for the re-projected data. 

I would like to see an additional option added to the dialog--"Project into:" and allow the user to browse for the coordinate system of their choice.

Given that the x, y fields that are being calculated are not updated automatically, I should be able to decide what coordinate system should be used regardless of the data source or data frame.
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This idea has been closed as a duplicate of the Idea linked below. If you'd like to comment on this idea, feel free to do it there! Thanks for your contributions!