(Better) support for Multipatches in Arcpy

07-08-2016 05:13 AM
Status: Open
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The Arcpy module has a Multipatch class which inherits from the Geometry class, but there is no documentation on how to create Multipatches in Arcpy. See also my remarks at the end of the blog post Working with 3D and M-aware geometries in Arcpy

I would to see (better) support for Multipatches in Arcpy and possibly the inclusion of the necessary objects (triangles and fans) to create them.




if I could click on the vote up button multiple times I would.

As we move increasingly into 3d, better support for multipatches via arcpy is essential.

by Anonymous User

I'm also currently needing to write out multipatch features in Arcpy. I was using CGA rules with GP tool Features from CityEngine Rules. But I need to do something outside of existing CGA functions. So I need to write out multipatches.


Would love to this implemented! Especially now that ArcGIS Pro has gone that far in handling 3d objects, and the use of multipatch is now growing with the introduction of native Revit file reading and the BIM-GIS flux in general. Are there any chance that this will get implemented? Manging Multipatch geometries from a scripting perspective would be a invaluable addition and will open thousands of new possibilities!


After years... still marked as New

Maybe geometry needs will become important some day and it will be moved to Reviewed


Is there still no proper documentation for this? 

I have spent hours looking for documentation on how to use multipatches in arcpy.


Hi Christian Haugwitz ,

At least the status has changed to reviewed, so something is happening. Maybe Kory Kramer knows something more about when this might become available?


There is an analogous enhancement request through technical support, logged as [ENH-000126999: Requesting the ability to support and create multipatch geometries using arcpy in ArcGIS Pro]

The development team has imported that into their backlog, but it is not included an a release plan yet, so there is no timeframe set.  

I'll do my best to keep this thread updated on the development status, or you could call Technical Support to be attached to the ENH in which case you would get notifications.

I hope this helps.



Thanks Kory Kramer‌ for sharing. I really appreciate that!


This functionality requires you to write cga rules in cityEngine, export them as rpk, and run them from ArcGIS Pro with the geoprocessing rpk methods.

It is actually very powerful, because you have theoretically in your hands the whole CityEngine Power, although should be more covered in documentation, it is how i made it work within a complex workflow with much success.


Is there any news update on this idea?

It is really useful to handle Multi-patch-geometries as any other in ArcPy.