be able to edit locators.

10-24-2018 03:47 PM
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I created a 10.61 locator recently. Now I can't edit it, properties are grey. Stopped service, heck stopped entire Server process.

What's more, I copied a locator from a 10.5 server to my other machine, an AWS on 10.61. It had been connected to the street layer in SDE all I wanted to do was point it at the street feature class in my gdb on the cloud. Nope, all grey. And keep in mind this time, it hadn't even been shared yet as a service so that could be ruled out. I clicked Rebuild... fail.   I don't have time to track this down I guess I'll just re-create it.  But I google'd a bit, all I could see was suggestions to stop services, which is understandable and I did.  Is there anything wrong with this workflow? 


Kevin MacLeod‌ this would be more appropriate as a question or maybe better a technical support case.  Could you please either move this to the ArcGIS Pro space (there are plenty of ArcMap eyes on there) and/or open a case to investigate the issue?


by Anonymous User

I will call TS (next week or the one after) and then follow your advice and move it if it is not solved. Thank you for your reply Kory.


From my experience, once you have the source set for an address locator and initially build the address locator you can not modify the location of the source.  Rebuilding an address locator only goes back to the original source of data and copies it to the address locator files (Basically takes a snapshot).  If the source data has not changed, then the address locator will not change.  The only way I have found to change the source is to build a new address locator from scratch.

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I agree with Michael. It has long been an issue - Create locator, immediately try to edit properties such as changing source, they are grey. This is a common workflow. For example, if you wanted to move a locator to a new server and point to new data. It would be nice not to have to entirely re-create it and just be able to change the source, as well as any other properties.  If there is a solution, it is not obvious. I heartily recommend this merits design review in terms of workflow user interface.


It would be awesome if you did not need to build a new locator if you just wanted to change the source to a different location where the schema of the source was exactly the same.


Even back to earlier versions (10.3 and earlier) I was never able to 'rebuild' locators.  I just scripted them to delete and re-created from scratch...



Did you have geocode services attached to the address locators?


I published the data as well, not just the service.  I had two services: service 'a' and service 'b'.  One was hot, the other was not.  I used them at a 9-1-1 call center so lets say they were using service 'a'.  I would 'overhaul' everything pertaining to service 'b', and republish the whole mess.  The next time I had updated data, I'd do the same thing but work with service 'a' instead.  Make sense?

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Thanks Joe, nice idea.

Wish it worked out of the box though. We used to be able to rebuild locators while they were running, back when they were in SDE. Now they have to be stopped. So yes we will need two services or to script it to stop and rebuild and restart at night. Not sure why this is not just built in as functionality; it should keep running while it's rebuilding. And allow for us to modify options after being built.

I'd like to be able to simply re-point my locator if the source data moves. Or edit any of the other Locator properties, after creating a Locator.  I'm sure we could open and hack the file but.. not for production. Should be supported in the interface.

A small but handy request: I wish the locator service would show where it's actually pointing! Unless you write down where you published it from, you have no way to tell. In a regular service, it shows where the MXD is that the service is pulling from in the Manager. Kory Kramer‌ good idea eh?