Basic Snapping Rules

11-29-2016 07:33 AM
Status: Open
Frequent Contributor III

I work in Electric systems that are in a geometric network.  What I would like to are some simple rules set up for snapping. 

Biggest rule would be for a feature to NOT be able to snap to itself.

For example I am moving a Transformer which is in turn connected to a primary and a secondary.  I want to move it to a a buffer that is 20 feet from the edge of the ROW.  I have point snapping and edge snapping turned on.  I only need to move it a little bit and if I am zoomed out to far it constantly wants to snap to the point feature I am moving.  I would like to see a rule set up so that when moving a feature it will not be able to snap to itself.

Or even for geometric networks that a point feature will not be able to snap to another point feature in a geometric network.  The way it is now it will give you an error if you do that and result in a zero length line.