Balloon Callouts/Notes

11-12-2015 11:57 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
Callout boxes are great, but having a ballon callout or notes similar to what you might see in AutoCAD on a floorplan/construction revision note or on a Adobe pdf draw cloud tool.  This end user could visibly see the importance of a note(s) and not necessarily have it pointing to an object, but better than a polygon/rectangle text box.0EME0000000kCEH
How is this different from a text box drawn on the map?
Did you read the description or have you seen AutoCAD revision notes?  It is just another way to demonstrate callouts, BUT can be seen as a note to make better notice as you look at a map.
I also have a need for Cloud Symbology.  This is standard tool in Adobe Acrobat and AutoCAD.  This Cloud Symbology is used to Track the Changes between revisions on engineering prints.  My Layouts done in ArcGIS need to inlcude this revision symbology.  0EME0000000kDw0

This would be useful to me but maybe not to others. Perhaps a customization for ArcGIS Desktop could be created which is based on the freehand tool.