Automatically Clear Display Cache on Closing Project

02-19-2019 02:27 PM
Status: Open
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I'm finding that I have to clear several gigabytes from the ArcGIS Pro display cache every week. I don't understand why Pro doesn't automatically clear the cache whenever I close a project or the program. 

While this is currently possible for layers, it would be nice to have this as a global option as well, instead of having to set it for layers.


You can set it up to clear the cache when the session ends:

How caching works—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 


Ha! Thanks! It would be nice if all of these caching options were available globally, not just for layers inside a project. Just now, my display cache was 1.09 GB, and after I hit F5 in a project, the cache was 1.19 GB. 


This would be a nice feature to have. My display cache gets up to ~10GB a week if I don't go in and manually clear it. 


I would like to set the "default cache" options in the Options menu.   There is a way to set it for Rasters, but not Vectors.  It seems we currently have to set the cache options every time we create a new map, or add layers.


This should automatically get cleared, it is a lot of drive space to consume and caused us issues this week in clogging up the C drive severely.