Auto-Apply for Symbology Changes

07-16-2019 12:40 PM
Status: Implemented
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Can we get an "Auto-Apply" option added to changing symbologies? 


Please see the attached gif.  The part I'd like to simplify  is when I have to hit Apply at the end of this procedure. 


I'd like my changes to symbology to occur either "on the fly" or when I have finished setting all of the values for a particular layer. 


In the map I'm working on today I have 7 layers that I need to re-symbolize. Each layer has five different symbols. At present I have to apply the change after each change, (five times for each layer) which is tedious. 


Like I say, if Auto-Apply is not an option how about at least making it so that before I activate another layer in the TOC THEN I have to hit apply?  That would take 35 applies down to 5 in my particular case.  


Perhaps this is already an option somewhere??


I would also ask to make the changes automatically apply to the map legend.


Hey Sean.  This could get quite cumbersome for the map's symbology to automatically redraw after every change that is made.  For the case you're presenting, maybe.  But picture yourself in the symbology pane, and you want to change color and then go to outline - wait - still redrawing the map to change the color.  OK, now outline color and then to width - oh, wait, everything is still redrawing for that outline color, etc.  The idea of having Apply is to avoid this.  When it isn't there (like for this one ArcGIS Pro: Add an Apply Button to Raster Symbology Pane ) it can get annoying.  

So, maybe an option to auto-apply or not, like we see for editing? Edit feature attributes—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 

As for the specific workflow that you showed, if you're changing all of the symbol classes to the same color, why not just change the template?


I would LOVE to see exactly this--at least have the option to turn on auto-apply for symbology changes, just like the auto-apply for editing attributes. Please!

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Status changed to: Implemented

Implemented with the Auto Apply option in the symbol editor in ArcGIS Pro 3.2.