Arcscan and Raster Clean Up support in ArcGIS Pro

10-20-2017 03:25 AM
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For digitizing images, maps and drawings, the raster clean up and Arcscan toolbar functions are a very useful tool to have and it can automate many line features. Unfortunately, I could not find this functionality in ArcGIS Pro, and very much hope that we will build in, in the future. 


Piet - in ArcGIS Pro 2.4, there is now a Batch mode for ModelBuilder.  Right click on the menu and select Batch from the Context Menu.


Yes, please! I can never seem to get ArcScan to work the same way in ArcMap. It works great one time and doesn't work at all the next even with the same data.


The Pixel Editor Tools have been added to Pro 2.4.  It has much more robust tools than the Raster Clean Up tools had.  If there is a particular task\tool missing from the Pro Pixel Editor toolbar, please let us know.  


Simon W


Is ArcScan working correctly in Pro now?  12/30/2020


ArcScan is retired😞... From an Esri Moderator, "There are many free 3rd party software packages that to be honest, do a better job." 


@Alena that is unfortunate to hear. It is/was a very convenient toolbar. Any idea perhaps what is meant by those 3rd party software packages? I would still be very happy to hear about any possible alternatives. For some of my raster alteration I moved to QGIS; the Serval Plugin does a great job of changing raster values quickly (but still is lacking in features compared to Arcscan).  


Would very much like to have the ability to generate features from my georeferenced raster images in Pro. My work at times requires plans to be georeferenced and the images turned into feature classes using the generate features tool. 


It would be very useful to have this tool in ArcGIS Pro. The Pixel Editor may replace the Raster Clean up tool but there is still no automatic vectorization.


ArcScan is such a great tool that PRO won't be complete without it ! Please ESRI make it available in PRO