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ArcMap equivalency -- attribute table: edit network drive feature class values by typing without F2 or waiting

05-22-2023 09:36 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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Normally you can edit a value in a table by selecting the cell with the mouse or keyboard and starting to type. However, this breaks down when trying to edit the same field for multiple features quickly and your fgdb is stored on a network drive. Ex. if I start at the top of my list here and am looking to renumber, I have to either go very slowly (type > enter > wait > type > enter > etc.) or hit F2 (type > enter > F2 > type > enter > etc.)


If you don't wait a few seconds or use F2, it simply places the cursor at the start of the string (field limit is 2 characters) rather than overwriting:


Anything typed, then, seems to be ignored; it shows a 3 when clicking out, but reverts to its old value once you click back in.



ArcMap, meanwhile, performs these edits instantly and I can fly down my table without waiting and fussing with it (it even warns if I enter a value too long):


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Status changed to: Needs Clarification

Hi @wayfaringrob!

What version of Pro are you using? We've done some improvements in this area with a new control in 3.0. Are you still seeing this in 3.0 or 3.1?

Also, what is the data source? Is this a service or table from an enterprise gdb?


- Alycia


@AlyciaRajendran_esri  3.1.1 fgdb


Major bummer there. Is it a local fgdb or on a network? How many records in the table? I've let the dev team know we're still seeing this issue.


@AlyciaRajendran_esri  network, about 70 point features. I did just try on a local copy and it worked at ArcMap (quick) speed. So if Pro could edit feature classes on a network at the same speed as ArcMap, that'd be great.


@AlyciaRajendran_esri  updated idea title & description for specificity, thanks!

Status changed to: Under Consideration