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ArcGIS Pro to ArcPad export and sync?

09-01-2017 06:23 AM
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I know ArcPad is going the way of the dinosaur but if ArcGIS Pro (where I'm doing most of my work) is able to do exporting and syncing with ArcPad on my Trimble GeoExplorer 6000, especially with exporting hosted feature service layers from ArcGIS Online, it would cut down on a lot of extra work. Right now, I have to do any ArcPad-related work in Desktop and had to find how to use feature service layers in ArcPad to get it to work. I'd stick with Collector but do not have an accurate GPS receiver to improve accuracy. If this is feasible and desirable by others, I'd definitely find it useful for my (obviously dated) technology!


Hi CityOHGIS‌.  I'm wondering if‌ would help answer your needs.  I'm not familiar enough with ArcPad and the capabilities of the Trimble unit you have, but I can say that we will probably see the capability of taking maps offline for editing and then syncing (multiple times) with the release of ArcGIS Pro 2.1 later this year.



Disconnected Editing could be a method to achieve this but I don't think it would completely solve the problem as I would be left not being able to export the map or layers to ArcPad. Right now, the process for getting a hosted feature service onto ArcPad on my Trimble unit is this: Sync with Feature Services in ArcPad 10.2. There are no tools in Pro to export the data into a file that is readable by ArcPad, which means I have to get the feature service URL to the device instead of it being easy to streamline from Online to Pro to ArcPad.

I've got the feeling I'll have to stick with Desktop 10.x and this current method to get what I need onto the Trimble unit or abandon the Trimble for Collector, which makes a very costly piece of equipment unusable with the new software. We are a small operation and a device that works with Collector is not a cost we can incur at this time.


Hate to break this to ya...your Trimble is right behind Arc Pad on it’s way to Jurassic Park.....even if there was an ArcPad add in for Pro there’s no way for the Pro architecuture to “talk” to the prehistoric OS that is running on the Trimble. 



I'm well aware the Trimble my organization has is a dinosaur. This was merely me asking if there are any more miles I can get out of this device before putting it out to pasture as my boss has made it clear he will not invest in a new one. I had accepted well before your reply that as I move to Pro, this device will be a paperweight.



Many of us are in the same boat. Unfortunately, Collector only allows you to provision the device as well as download data using WiFi, which eliminates Collector as an ArcPad replacement for 90% of users. Think about where most of us do our mobile data collection: far from any wifi or cell signal. Putting a SDE database outside the firewall just so you can hit it with Collector over Wifi isn't very realistic either. Adding USB sync seems like a simple enough fix, you can do it with a stand-alone app using the Mobile SDK, ESRI is silent on why they feel Wifi should be the only connection method. 

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