ArcPad Retired 1/1/2022

01-07-2022 03:38 PM
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ArcPad is retired as of January 1, 2022.  As a retired product, there will be no new development, patches/bug fixes, or live technical support.  Also, new and existing users will no longer be able to purchase ArcPad licenses, renew ArcPad maintenance, or receive technical support for this product. For organizations that require ongoing support for ArcPad, there may be support options with Esri Premium Support. For more information about the retirement status of Esri products see the Esri Product Lifecycle Policy.


Continued ArcPad Use

ArcPad users can continue to use the ArcPad application with their existing product licenses, those licenses are perpetual and do not time-out. Users can continue to use the ArcPad online documentation and the Esri Support site to find answers to questions and solutions to technical issues. Although the online information will remain available to users, this information is not updated for retired products. This

ArcPad page on the Esri Community will remain available for users to ask questions from the ArcPad community.


Moving Forward

ArcPad has been an important product for Esri with a long history (first release in Spring of 2000).  It was a groundbreaking tool that paved the way for today’s mobile GIS apps. But with the advent of deprecated operating systems, updated security requirements, advancements in mobile hardware, and new capabilities in ArcGIS…the time has come to retire ArcPad. 

Today Esri has a suite of apps for mobile GIS and field operations. Depending on your use cases and workflows for mobile GIS and field data collection we suggest that you investigate the capabilities offered by Esri other mobile apps.

  • ArcGIS Survey123
    • Form-based data collection
    • Highly customizable forms (Conditional logic, calculations, data validation, advanced formulas)
    • Mobile and web experience
    • Supports online and offline data collection
    • Supports high accuracy GNSS/GPS receivers
  • ArcGIS Field Maps
    • Map-based data collection
    • Smart forms
    • Supports taking maps in the field for view only purposes
    • Supports online and offline maps
    • Supports high accuracy GNSS/GPS receivers
  • ArcGIS QuickCapture
    • Easy-to-use rapid field data collection
    • Collect data with a single button tap
    • Simple project authoring experience using QuickCapture designer
    • Supports data collection while online or offline
    • Supports high accuracy GNSS/GPS receivers
  • ArcGIS AppStudio
    • Provides app templates and developer tools to create your own custom app


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