ArcGIS Pro text box fitting strategy: adjust frame

09-28-2019 08:11 PM
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I was recently creating a layout involving many different elements.  Adobe InDesign narrowly won over Pro because I was able to automatically adjust the text box size to fit the text I had just made, then distribute my elements vertically on the page.  This did not seem easily possible in ArcGIS Pro 2.4.1.  Yet, I see in the legend controls, a Fitting Strategy: Adjust Frame option:

Adjust frame option for legends

Could this be added to the options for text boxes please?

If I am overlooking something, I do welcome others' feedback.  I am enjoying the greater control ArcGIS Pro is offering over ArcMap.

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Here's a graphic of the same issue today at 2.5.1, I find it hard to align text elements neatly within a layout when the bounding box is not able to be snapped to the size the text and background turned out.

Bounding box is distant from text to which it is related making alignment difficult