ArcGIS Pro Tasks and Returning to Starting Point

07-04-2016 05:45 AM
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At the Esri UC 2016 we got a glimpse of the ArcGIS Pro tasks - seems very promising. This likely will become the way to guide users through various editing / analyses processes.


During the demo we saw how it was possible to alter visibility, selectability, snapping, etc. for the various steps of a task.


I know end users quite well and believe many of them would prefer / expect visibility, selectability, snapping, ... to be as before activating a task once the task has finished. This apparently was not prioritized by Esri.


I believe Esri should prioritize this allowing the returning to settings prior to task run.


If you wish to see the technical session on tasks - Creating and Managing GIS Data: ArcGIS Pro Tasks: An Introduction - YouTube  

If a user performs repeatable workflows over and over again using tasks ,why would it be important to set the layers back to the entry state? Does that also include the selection state and automatically navigating the map to the same view point/extent?


The Esri Task team 


Good point - if a task is performed repeatedly the need seems obsolete.

But I guess with such strong capability as presented by the upcoming tasks functionality, we'll end of with a large number of tasks each guiding the user through specific tasks. And some of such tasks will not be run over and over again but as one step now and then in the daily routines and hence the user is likely to not going to appreciate setting everything back to, what it was before initiating the tool.

Does that make sense?


We are driven by user ideas and requirements, so if this idea gets popular we'll implement it, either as a task settings, action or by default. Thanks,

Amir Bar-Maor 


At this time, when a task is complete the contents (display, select set, edit set) are set as they were when the task was run.  It would be great to have an option that would set the environment (display, select set, edit set) back to what existed before the task was started.  

1. User environment exists 

2. Task runs and contents sets the environment to be what is needed during the task 

3. Based on an option the environment is reset to what is was before the task started   (Step 1: User environment exists). 


Thanks for letting me know!  I was not able to find it anywhere.  

Status changed to: In Product Plan