ArcGIS Pro Styles: Allow add to favorites and add to new projects

04-16-2021 10:58 AM
Status: Open
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It'd be great if Styles could be added to favorites and new projects, similar to databases and other content within the project. 



Status changed to: Open

Re-opening this after discussing with the team here.  Thanks for submitting the idea, @jessneuner 


I have to admit I assumed you could already do that...

Morning @KoryKramer ! In all honesty, I didn't think about it a different way before your initial comment and see the option to add styles to Favorites from the Favorites view now. The shortcut from the Project view would be handy but I'll admit my initial gripe has been solved! thank you! jess

Thanks for the reply, @jessneuner   While yes it is possible to add styles to favorites, there are some known issues with how it is working.  

One that I am able to point to is BUG-000134315: Styles added to 'Favorites' are not added to new pro..

From what I can tell, it actually just works better for now to only add to Favorites, and not "pin" it with Add To New Projects.  Because (at least from the cursory testing I've done) it appears that while the style is added to new projects, it is essentially empty.  I think the best thing to do is just add to Favorites, and then when you need a style in a project, go ahead and add it from Favorites to the project. 

Sorry for the rigmarole, but hopefully the explanation above will help you and any others who might run into this unexpected behavior.  Please do let us know if you note any other problems and we'll share with the development team.

Thank you! 


One problem with the use of favorites as a way to pass styles between projects  is that  they are per user. Also the user has to have access to the style and know where to find them on the network or software install folder path.

Most large organizations have a a custom style they use on their maps OR use one of the ArcMap style sets that fits with their business. Currently these are 'just there' in ArcMap if you place the style file in the correct place.