ArcGIS Pro - Set as Startup Project Function

01-04-2021 02:40 PM
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For reasons I don't understand, I've been informed that my 12/24/20 post was my first post. If so, that makes my previous post my 0th post and potentially invisible, so I'm posting it again. Sorry if that's against the rules, If it is, it's fine to delete it.

ArcGIS Pro allows the user to set the default project to be opened on startup by specifying a path in

Options/Application/General/Start ArcGIS Pro/With a default project

Add a shortcut on the Open/Recent projects list to specify the default project. This would work as follows:

Under Project/Open, for each item the in the Recent Projects list, provide a second context menu item "Set as Startup Project"

On click, set the default project value in Options/Application/General/Start ArcGIS Pro using the selected path

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Hi @DavidHowes 

Sorry if there was confusion about any previous content you may have posted to the community.  We found that you submitted this same idea in June 2019 - it is here: ArcGIS Pro - Set as Startup Project Function - GeoNet, The Esri Community Since it has 2 kudos at this time, we will keep it open, and close this idea.

To view your content, go to your profile where there is a My Ideas view and Latest Contributions feed.  I hope this helps, and thank you for your continued participation!