ArcGIS PRO: Reorder and Group Items Quick Access Toolbar

05-31-2018 08:02 AM
Status: Open
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Can you add the functionality to reorder items that we have added to the Quick Access Toolbar?

(This is in the product plan to 2.2)


Can we include the ability to group various QAT items together, (before or after they have been re-ordered)? 

This would better serve specific workflows.  For example you could group together a bunch of "Editing" items into one Quick Access Toolbar group, then another for other similar functions. 


Reviewed... the Re-order part of this idea is In Product Plan since that is built into Pro 2.2 already.  Yay!

Adding groups to the Quick Access Toolbar is not.  

Maybe you just want to change the idea now to focus specifically on adding groups to the QAT?


Thanks Kory,

I edited the idea to reflect grouping specific items together in order to better facilitate various workflows.



Thanks, Sean.  For now, make sure you don't overlook that you can create your own tabs and groups within your custom tabs with tools and commands that move through a workflow.

Customize the ribbon—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 


I actually argue that the need isn't met. The user shouldn't have to go into edit menu to rearrange. We should be able to drag them around on our toolbar. We should also be able to have groups we create in the menu (so I can have the common edit together in a little boxed outline (without having to waste the whole screen using the ribbon). Additional quick access toolbars would be awesome.


Would love to see a separator for quick access tools. I have a growing number of tools up there that I'd love to separate into categories - selection/navigation, windows, layout, etc.