ArcGIS Pro Pop Up column width not adjustable

02-12-2020 08:46 AM
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Our team uses the Identify or Explore pane to view data from one feature while editing another feature. We keep it open and docked on the map. We are updating building structures and giving them attirbutes for use discription. Before the update, the columns in the pane could be adjusted to fit the window and the use field selected to see at a quick glance what it was described as. The fields in the pane are no longer selectable and the columns are not adjustable. Just wondering if this functionality can be restored.


Sounds like a good ol fashioned regression bug to me. Have you called Esri Support to see if they can reproduce the behavior? If they can, they will mark it as a bug and hopefully Esri will fix it.


Pamela Berry Can you include a screenshot demonstrating the issue?

Thank you!


Thank you for getting back to me. Previously the margins in the area circled were adjustable so that you could view the information without scrolling. Also, you could select a row so that the pop up would show the selected row with each consecutive click. For instance, we would select the row for Primary Building Class, which is further down the column, and we would not need to scroll down every click after that. Also, the margins were adjusted so that no horizontal scrolling was necessary. This is a functionality in ArcMap and was very useful in ArcPro.

We have found a workaround by selecting only the necessary attributes in the Configure pop up pane, so that not much scrolling is required.


Thanks for the additional details and screenshot, Pamela.  I'm glad that for now, you've been able to reduce scrolling by configuring the pop up.  You might also make the pop up pane wider overall to reduce scrolling, though I understand that may be less than ideal as it will reduce the size of the map view.  Thanks again for the use case.  I'll make sure that the development team can take a look at this.


Thank you!


Hi again Pamela Berry‌ Another quick question - what version of Pro were you in before upgrading to 2.5?  i.e. in what version were you able to change the width of columns in the pop-up?  2.4?  2.3?...

Or is your A-B comparing ArcMap against ArcGIS Pro 2.5?

Thank you!


No, not comparing the two, just saying that the functionality was there for both. We were using 2.4.3 before the upgrade.


Hmm, that's curious.  We had a product engineer check this out in multiple versions, including 2.4.3, and we don't see that the capability to change the column widths existed in Pro previously.  The scrollbar does show up when the pane is minimized to a width that doesn't allow for all data to display, so you can make the pane wider to get rid of the scrollbar. Anyway, not to argue the point.  The idea is valid and we can see the capability existed in ArcMap, while it does not currently work the same way in the ArcGIS Pro pop up.

I added the 'arcmap equivalency' tag and the idea is open.  Thanks for providing all of the additional details to ensure that we understand what is being requested.


Thank you for looking into it. I appreciate your time and attention to this matter.


I also ran into this issue and created a different Geonet question about it. Subsequently this idea was pointed out to me, so I am pasting in my questions comments below:

Before updating Arc Pro to version 2.5 when reducing the size of a pop-up window, a long field name would have its text wrapped so that it used multiple lines.  This allowed you to see the corresponding data array on the right side of the pop-up with out scrolling over.  Now the text does not wrap, so if you have one very long field name, you have to make the pop-up very wide, or you have to scroll over every time you want to see any of the corresponding data.  Is there a way to turn text wrapping back on for field names in pop-ups?

Can anyone at ESRI explain why this change was made? And does anyone know an easy way to add this functionality back to version 2.5?

The comparison below uses version 2.0 because that was the only older version that I had access to, but the pop-ups behaved the same through version 2.4.  The behavior changed when I updated to 2.5.

Narrow pop-up on arc pro 2.0 showing wrapped text

Narrow pop-up on arc pro 2.0 (text automatically wrapping so you can see fields and data without scrolling)

Wide pop-up on Arc Pro 2.0 (text has space, so it is not wrapped)

Wide pop-up on arc pro 2.0 (fields and data displayed in single line)

Narrow pop-up on arc pro 2.5 (text not wrapping)

Narrow pop-up on arc pro 2.5 (text not wrapping, can't see data without scrolling)

Wide pop-up on arc pro 2.5 (must be this wide in order to see fields and data without scrolling) )

Wide pop-up on arc pro 2.5 (must be this wide in order to see fields and data without scrolling)