ArcGIS Pro & Online support SLD Layer-Style (Import/Export)

10-27-2016 01:33 AM
Status: Open
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Support layer style definitions based on SLD-Files (Styled Layer Descriptor | OGC )  - Load AND Save. It would improve interop. with other tools and software and data from organisations like European Environment Agency.


Where does ESRI stand regarding this idea ? It's been 13 years since the creation of this post and .sld style format would still be very useful.

In our case, we are migrating from QGis to ArcGIS Pro, and doing so we need to visualize large sets of data with a lot of different categories within one symbology. The inability to import .sld created from Qgis is holding back the full migration as we don't always have the time to reproduce the entire symbology for each and every dataset we need...