ArcGIS Pro metadata save button

02-21-2021 10:07 AM
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The save button for metadata does not behave the same way as it does when I make edits to spatial features.  When I click save, it does not change to gray like is the behavior of a spatial edit save.  I ended up clicking a bunch of times thinking that the save did not commit because my frame of reference is the spatial edit save behavior.  Hoping in newer versions of ArcGIS Pro that they 2 scenarios can be made to function more similarly.  

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I noticed it was a bit difficult to know if it was doing anything when I used it this morning too. I also found I had to refresh the item I was updating the metadata for to make it reflect the updates on the Metadata display. It was very sticky and added to the confusion. ArcGIS Pro in general is actually annoying like that - having to refresh folders and GDB's to see changes and it not happening automatically when you navigate away and then come back to them.