ArcGIS Pro - Manage application settings - add more settings to config file

04-08-2022 04:52 AM
Status: Implemented
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There's list of available parameters for Pro.settingsConfig file at Is this list complete? Unfortunately only few parameters are available. We would like to add more parameters to edit, especially automatical Project Recovery. In larger projects ArcGIS Pro freezes often because default settings to create backup every 5 minutes. When using silent instalation, we can influence only that few parameters on list and this parameter isn't available. We would like to add other settings like default basemap, spatial reference etc. Thank you!


Requests for further, specific settings requirements have been asked over on but since this idea is very explicitly asking, let's get more details here.

1. How many users are you deploying Pro to through silent install?

2. For 'Create a backup when the project has unsaved changes' you want to be able to choose whether you deploy that checked or unchecked, correct?

2a. If deploying as checked, you want to deploy with a defined time for 'Save a backup after this time interval has elapsed:". Correct?

Do you envision locking that setting so that individual users cannot change it, or just deploying as your organization's "recommended" setting?

3. For the default basemap option, what basemap do you need to deploy to your users? Does setting that default in your ArcGIS Online organization and having Pro's default of Default basemap of your organization not work for what you're trying to achieve? Or is it that you need to deploy with the Custom option as described here Please provide some detail here about what you're trying to solve.

4. Spatial reference. You want to deploy Pro to all your users without the default setting of Use spatial reference of first operational layer. Is that correct?

5. "etc." There are approximately 250 settings available in the Options and some wouldn't necessarily make sense to deploy (and especially lock) to users. In addition to the 3 settings that you mention above, what are the others that would be important for you when deploying to your users? This will help us prioritize those.

Thank you!


ad 1) about 70 users in different buildings - too complicated for manual edit

ad 2) I would like to have unchecked this option. We've get troubles with complicated Projects. Saving backup takes lot of HW resources and takes time and make AGS Pro unusable for that time (few minutes).

I can imagine just not locking that settings but uncheck it in default, because 99 % users even don't know about these options.

ad 3) we've usually use no basemap after start like it was in ArcGIS Desktop, so checked option "None" gets ideal result for me.

ad 4) correct. Our users work with datasets in national coordinate system (EPSG 5514) for 90 % of their time. If there'll be option to set default transformation too, it would be great (ESRI set wrong default transformation from Czech EPSG5514 to WGS84)

ad 5) backup savings is most important option to set through silent installation for me. I can imagine, that many other admins would like to set another options for them, that's why I think control over options in silent installation is good idea in general.


Thank you !


Thank you for the details, @TomasPokorny We'll track these to see if we can include in a future release.


@TomasPokorny check out all of the additional application management settings added in ArcGIS Pro 3.1: From the details you shared, I believe everything has been added.

@MatthiasKl we're looking into the possibility of adding the start project setting you've mentioned.


@KoryKramerthank you! this possibility to set paramteres by config will really help us.

Status changed to: Implemented

Hi @TomasPokorny as discussed above, the settings that you needed were made available through the Pro.settingsConfig file in ArcGIS Pro 3.1.


@KoryKramer  awesome ! thank you very much!