ArcGIS Pro: Lock the Map

11-17-2021 08:45 AM
Status: Open
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We can lock a map frame on the layout in Pro. But it's not about that.

I often make a map template that I then will re-use on multiple layouts in the same projects. They will have different layers added/removed, off/on, etc. For this I'll create and modify multiple maps from that single map template. Occasionally, however, I'd forget to make a copy of the template and modify the template itself, thus breaking the carefully crafted map. We need to have a way to lock the completed map itself, so no one can violate it, unless unlocked.

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Thanks for submitting this idea @AlexZhuk It looks like it is somewhat related to but it seems your idea goes further and is about entirely locking the map from any modifications.  How do you picture enforcing that?  Password, etc.?  Just curious about your thoughts around that.



@KoryKramer Since ArcGIS Pro, at least in Standard and Advanced, offers to save ArcGIS server credentials in Windows Credential Manager, couldn't that same function be offered in this scenario?


If Pro can access and create generic credentials, which is all this is doing, then it shouldn't be too much of a stretch to scale this same process for this, right?


@KoryKramer - Just to clarify, it's not about locking the entire project on the Windows level, it's a simple check-mark-type lock on map in the Catalog's Maps folder. Perhaps with a different icon or color to indicate the locked state.


Understood, Alex.  Just locking an individual map. Thank you.


An additional comment after having my idea merged with this one - I would like to see a little bit more granular control over the locking mechanism as detailed above. Instead of the whole map (all or nothing), the ability to lock groups or individual layer positions (i.e. where they're more important than other layers) would be preferential.